Wednesday, May 12, 2010

google my maps

View Mission Mural Tour in a larger map

creating a map with the google my map application was pretty easy. i first thought of a neighborhood that was really full of life and had a lot of interesting street life, so i picked the mission, but more specifically, the mission murals. i think the mission murals are an incredible part of the mission culture and the murals always make me stop and take a closer look.

when i started my map, i made sure to zoom in closely to the map to see the interesting landmarks, public transportation and any points of interest. when i started to draw the lines to make the tour, i found that sometimes i would accidentally zoom in and out of the map and the lines would be crooked. but fixing the lines was easily done and i got the hang of it once i realized you could stretch out the points. also, when i would go back to edit the markers, i would accidentally click on the line, so i would make the mistake of filling out information for the line rather than the location marker. luckily these things are easily fixed. what i did like was the different types of location markers that you could choose, such as an airplane, bus, etc. this could be very handy because visual cues are necessary when making maps easy to read. i also liked to insert images, hyperlinks and a sentence or two about the location. what i liked about the map was that it was easy to interact with and it was a easy way to visualize a route. the timeline on dipity is a lot better for chronological events, such as a person's life, history or a schedule of events. maps are best for finding locations, while timelines are good for visualizing a history of something.