Wednesday, April 21, 2010

part 2 & 3: quarterlife

my profile page

the forums at quarterlife, this is where everyone can interact.

i decided to join the site,, which is a site that calls itself a place for artists, thinkers and do-ers. the site is easy to join, i just typed in my e-mail, my name and a username to apply to be in the group. then i waited a few hours for my account to be approved, which it was. so i think they just want to make sure people aren't spammers.

one of the most important things that i see when viewing other people's profiles is that they are customized with a template and colors. the templates are not as overwhelming as myspace, but there are ways to customize your profile, by choosing things like the colors of your text, headers, and choosing fonts. there's also an advanced option to fully customize the page through css and html.

each user on quarterlife is a "member". as i was viewing some of the members through their profile pictures, most of the members are young, in their twenties and thirties, possbily. most of the activity i see is through members commenting on each other's pages. and anything a member has commented on a post, photo, it will show up on their profile page. the main page of quarterlife also updates with new activity when members upload a photo, write a new status update, make a friend, give a gift. this is similar to what facebook does, which updates your activity on the site.

looking at the main goals on the site, i think that the members are here to find other creative people out there. one of the ways to connect with others is to join in on the forums, where you can disscuss different topics and the more specialized "groups." there are several groups within this site, such as graphic design, dealing with writer's block, photography, and they are open for anyone to join. groups are there for people with common interests to come together. each group has it's own page and the ability to have discussions on various topics.

a social object on quarterlife is a "gift." a gift is simply represented by a clip art graphic, such as a teddy bear, handbag a welcome mat and a birthday balloon. most of these gifts are't free. they require 75 credits. these virtual gifts require credits, which NING (the site quarterlife is hosted on) will charge you fees for. gifts are one way to be friendly towards other members. however, i think one of the best ways to succeed in Quarterlife is to be active in commenting artwork that other members upload, joining in on discussions in the general forum, inside the groups and doing blog posts because the more active a member is within the community, they will find more friends and interesting things.

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