Wednesday, April 21, 2010

part 4 the future of social networking

i think the future of social networking is hard to define, but here are some of my ideas of what could happen. because we are increasingly a mobile oriented world and a global economy, i think there will be social networking sites that will customize it for the mobile user.i'm sure this is already happening, but i think it will be even more heightened in the future. i also think because so many of us are members of multiple sites such as facebook, twitter, youtube, flickr, that when we update, it will let us update automatically to the other sites without having us do it.

i also think social networking will be really savvy and whenever someone updates, and for example they talk about cupcakes, the site will link the user to the stuff about cupcakes, other people who like cupcakes, cupcake shops in the local area, and so forth. basically the site will sort of 'think' for you. it will suggest items, images and video may show up, and generally be very intuitive.

i think that's the most important thing for social networking sites is to be very user oriented and have features that are intuitive to what the user needs and wants. and we should be able to watch tv by finding it on social networking. sites...

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